Border Vacuum

Why Does Knowing The Borders Matter


In preparation to Debunk a suspected location, one step is to determine what the borders are. On a good online map, you can tell where the waterways; highways; power lines; railroads, etc, are that surround the property. Infrastructures like roads and railroad tracks are prime offenders. Certain kinds of structures which can transform the area around them end up promoting urban decay, called a “border vacuum.” This area disturbs the Natural Elements. ( 

Understanding what the borders are can suggest what may be creating the reported phenomena. One of the biggest considerations is waterways from canals, lakes, even to water hydrants lines and sewer lines.

In occult literature, it is claimed that water elemental can cause a human to commit suicide by drowning themselves (Fortune/1971). Unexplained and repeated plumbing problems have allegedly been associated with water elemental. Unexplained pools of water appearing are also reported.(Kling Brothers Ghostlab/2010, and Wilson/2008

Flowing underground water, it can cause an adverse effect to those who live just above it. In an independent Germany study, people who stay in houses with underground waterways are prone to cancer. Food in such houses may go stale or rot much faster than those kept in ordinary houses. In barns with animal livestock, many animals were reportedly fall prey to ailments with underground water. The interactions between the water and the soil particles can produce positive ions which are harmful to life. They believe that before the underground water comes to the surface and emits the gamma radiation, it could have been passing through radioactive soil particles deep below the ground.

It is believed that water can capture memories and when it is disturbed the water may show some of the memories it has contained. This water has a high quality of events in which a ghost may be perceived in a strongly vivid image. When the water evaporates, the image will fade after a while. 

In many river beds and streams are minerals such as limestone, quartz, and iron pyrite (fools’ gold.)  These are very good conduits of electromagnetic energy. When you add flowing water to the mix, it becomes a battery. The water acts as a conductor that brings forth the natural EMF stored in the minerals and emits it unto its surroundings. EMF is consumed by a ghost in order to exist and manifest. Stephen Danielson

Iron deposits in soil or even Railroad tracks can be thought to act as restraining agents of phenomena. Rudyard Kipling's poem "Cold Iron", found in his 1910 collection of stories Rewards and Fairies, used the term poetically to mean "weapon". "Cold iron" is historically believed to repel, contain, or harm ghosts, fairies, witches, and other malevolent supernatural creatures. ( 

Due to Highway tragedies, an increase has been noted in that area where a rise in paranormal activity is reported. The damage on the community physically is seen to be extensive. The litter is continuous and uncontrollable. The traffic causes the community to be uninviting. The unceasing flow of people causes the city to have a dirty, cluttered vibe.(  Decay seems to follow. 

Once the Debunking investigator has a good ‘lay-of-the-land’ from a border standpoint, they can start looking if there is a ‘border vacuum’ forming and how the reported phenomena can be explained. 


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